What is The Rooted Door?

There’s something to be said about coming together to embrace our roots. From the farms that grow the produce we eat, to how we celebrate our diversity at the dinner table, The Rooted Door honors the many flavors of our community with memorable and experiential events.

Conceived and produced by the award-winning PASK Productions, The Rooted Door is a fully-immersive, creative dining experience designed to share the stories and explore the palates of our greater community’s culinary experts.

Honoring the beauty of an audience as varied as the ingredients that will be served, join us on a journey with friends and family, old and new, that takes a local and thoughtful approach to storytelling, eating, and discovery.


Our events provide an innovative and fresh spin on the traditional dinner experience. Guests will leave with a full stomach and a new appreciation and love for their community topped off with the satisfaction of supporting a local charity through their participation. Come join us and entwine your roots in the intricate web of community.
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