Charity Give Back

Leto High School Culinary Arts Team Scholarship

The Rooted Door is honored to extend a scholarship to Leto High School’s Culinary Arts Team to support a child’s dream of becoming a professional chef by encouraging and fostering their education in the culinary arts.

The Culinary Arts Program teaches students top level kitchen management and offers four levels of culinary mastery. Through interactive classes and exciting culinary competitions, the program challenges creativity, sheds light on the culinary world and supports its’ members to pursue their passions.

The Rooted Door is proud to embrace and foster a child’s dream of culinary success and creativity. The scholarship opportunity is a crucial part of the series’ community give back initiative and encouraging community members to embrace their roots and share their talents.

Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Established in 1993, Sweetwater Organic Community Farm is a nonprofit community-supported urban organic farm and environmental education center in Tampa, FL. The farm embraces the spirit of community through their extensive programming including a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Membership, Sweetwater Sunday Farmers’ Market and Music Series, and a plethora of hands-on educational programs teaching community members of all ages about sustainable agriculture and the beauty of the diverse world we live in.

Community defines and drives this exceptional organization, and The Rooted Door embraces Sweetwater’s efforts and philosophy, pledging to donate a portion of the proceeds from each dinner directly to the farm to support their admirable efforts of bringing people together and their love of nature, education, and community.

The event will honor the overall look and feel of the farm, taking place on its grounds and filled with explorative and educational experiences. The interactive and locally inspired dinner embodies the spirit of Tampa and encourages collaborative story telling with a charitable give back. Carefully crafted details and locally sourced décor will complete the experience and bring the farm and uniquely curated dinner to life and involve guests in an entirely new way.